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PT Piaggio Indonesia Introduces the Limited Edition Vespa Sprint Notte

PT Piaggio Indonesia continues to bring excitements, by introducing the new limited-edition: Vespa Sprint Notte. Vespa Sprint Notte represents the symbol of the Italian lifestyle, built on elegance, sophistication and power arising from unique total black confident look. The new Vespa Sprint Notte is dedicated to those who love the attention to details of high-quality products, for the ones who own the night.

The name selected for this new exclusive and elegant limited-edition of Vespa Sprint is derived from Notte, the Italian word for “night”. It is a fitting introduction to its décor, characterised by total black styling that comes with meticulous finish of this limited-edition scooter. With entire steel body under sophisticated matt black colour with numerous gloss-black detailing, Vespa Sprint Notte is the Italian statement of design elegance to symbolize power, authority, sophistication and elegance.

Vespa Sprint Notte comes in total black persona with dramatic matt black in entire body with perfected by several gloss-black detailing to create an uber-exclusive effect which evokes the fascination of the night. The superior details in Vespa Sprint Notte are shown in matt black spoiler, glossy black mirrors, matt black tie with glossy black horn cover, glossy black shield edge, 12” black glossy rims, and black muffler cover, luxurious black leather saddle with glossy black passenger bar for enhanced comfort.

New Vespa Sprint Notte is also enriched by the latest technical and mechanical foundation to achieve the highest levels of stability and handling. Vespa Sprint Notte is powered by a modern 150cc i-get engine to provide a smooth, quiet, and comfortable ride. LED lighting technology both the front headlight and the rear light to boost comfort and active safety.

Vespa Sprint Notte comes with a dedicated Notte logo displayed on the rear shield box to elegantly remarks the exclusivity of this limited edition. The new Vespa Sprint Notte is available in limited quantity.

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