27 March 2018

The Breath-taking and Pinnacle (VESPA 946) RED Launched in Indonesia

Vespa partnership with the (RED) Foundation creates a stylish and and unforgettable latest Vespa 946 series.

Jakarta, 2 November 2017 - Today, Piaggio Indonesia announces the arrival of the latest series of the legendary Vespa 946, the (VESPA 946)RED in Indonesia. Having previously worked with Giorgio Armani in Vespa 946 Emporio Armani, this time, Vespa collaborates with the (RED) Foundation to deliver a premium product that not only highlights elegant design and advanced technology, but also it symbolises the chance to join the battle against some of the most difficult illnesses humankind has to face.

The result is an astonishing work of art that is the (VESPA 946)RED. This is the only product in the automotive world to have been chosen by (RED). This is a privilege that the Vespa 946 is honouring by turning every aspect of it red, which has never been done before. A portion from each (VESPA 946)RED sales will then be contributed toward supporting the activities of the Global Fund for the battle against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.

Founded in 2006 by Bono and Bobby Shriver, (RED) has donated $350 million (USD) into the Global Fund in the fight against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. These funds have been used in African countries in Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Rwanda, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania and Zambia, with 100 percent of resources devoted to on-site activities. (RED) for the Global Fund has treated over 70 million people, with prevention, treatment and consultancy operations, as well as HIV testing and relief services.

Marco Noto La Diega, President Director of PT. Piaggio Indonesia stated, “We are very delighted to present the new and latest (VESPA 946)RED to Indonesia. This latest premium product represents the best of Vespa in every aspect, from the design, technology to its commitment for a better world. Now Vespa fans and two wheeler enthusiasts can enjoy the beauty of Vespa as well as a noble opportunity to help contribute in the battle against some of the most difficult diseases mankind must face.”

The (VESPA 946)RED is the 2017 version of the Vespa 946, a very exclusive model devoted to aesthetic and technological perfection, of which 946 is used to commemorate the year in which the Vespa - the best symbol of Italian elegance - was born: 1946. The Vespa 946 tells the story of how the scooter's style evolved their role in contemporary society, and the creation of new lines that have taken the original design to new levels of elegance. Artisan and yet futuristic at the same time, the Vespa 946 both tributes harks back to Vespa’s magnificent past journey and rewrites its aesthetics afresh in meticulous attention avant-garde to details and deep respect for the environment. Resulting in a creation of true beauty of functioning sculpture. The (VESPA 946)RED represents the new chapter in an incredible story of beauty, enthusiasm, diligence and sensitivity. 

(VESPA 946)RED is the most advanced technology product available today by taking inspiration from MP6 Prototype. The bodywork is made of steel, embellished with eye-catching aluminium components such as the mudguard and the side covers, which also serve to house and support the engine, the transmission, and all the scooter's mechanical parts.

The aluminium mudguard at the front covers the 12-inch wheel with timeless elegance and is the same size as the rear cover. The detachable rims are made of an aluminium alloy. To ensure maximum safety, the brake system is of the double disc type and is complemented by a dual-channel ABS system. It is also equipped with innovative ASR traction control, an advanced electronic system that prevents the rear wheel from skidding. This technological refinement, exclusive to the Piaggio Group, prevents loss of grip and ensures superior traction at all times.            

This iconic Vespa is now equipped with 150 cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine with three valves, which is air-cooled and has an electronic injection system. This ultra-modern engine consumes minimal fuel, makes very little noise and boasts exceptionally low emissions levels.

As per Vespa tradition, a wide range of lifestyle elements and accessories are available for owners to personalise their (VESPA 946)RED. These dedicated ranges are an integral part of the partnership between the Piaggio Group and (RED), and will be supporting the cause, including a leather case to fit in the rear luggage rack and flyscreen. Not forgetting, of course, the (RED) baseball cap, tote bag and matching mug, which all will be sold separately.

The (VESPA 946)RED is available now in Indonesia with the price of IDR199,000,000 (on the road).

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