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The new 2019 Limited-Edition Vespa Sprint Carbon brings more intensity

PT Piaggio Indonesia introduces the 2019 limited edition of Vespa Sprint Carbon. to the Indonesian market. The new 2019 limited-edition Vespa Sprint Carbon intensifies Italian statement of design elegance and sporty performance with combination of Vespa’s Sporty DNA and the revolutionary carbon texture.

Introduced in limited White Innocenza color edition, Vespa Sprint Carbon accentuates premium and sporty image that will spark fresh, young, and modern impression for the ones who own and ride it. The hi-tech and hi-performance represented through the carbon texture goes hand in hand with the Italian statement which is identical with elegant design and sporty performance.

The 2019 limited edition of Vespa Sprint Carbon includes the iconic Italian “Tricolor” flag in its aesthetic details. The Tricolor represents a proof of art, fashion, design, and sophistication in Vespa being one of the greatest inventions of Italy.

The new Vespa Sprint Carbon is designed to achieve highest level of stability, handling, efficiency, and comfort. It is demonstrated through a series of improvements in its aesthetic details, such as the new rim sticker, the new carbon-textured speedometer cover, the new carbon-textured front tie with new red horn cover, the Carbon logo embedded on the rear shield box, and grey finishing on the shield. Being a strong signature design since 2018, the single saddle flaunts carbon texture and red stitching which express a penchant to racing & being sporty.

The front LED lamp is accentuated with a more masculine feel using stylish rectangular shape. The LED Technology on the front lamp, rear lamp, and Daytime Running Light (DRL) will accommodate riders with better visibility. It is enriched by advanced technological features such as i-get engine, ABS (Antilock Braking System) on the front wheel, Immobilizer, and USB port for easy charging of smartphones and electronic devices.

Offered in limited quantity, Vespa Sprint Carbon is for those who want to live a more passionate life with intensity.

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