A Continuous Evolution of Vespa’s First-Class Status Symbol – A True Unstoppable Greatness of Heritage, Performance and Premium Lifestyle – The Latest Vespa GTS Family Line-up

  • The Legendary GTS Family now offers different characteristic to cater the colorful personalities of Vespisti: The Classic, The Sporty and The Technophile

Jakarta, 6 June 2023 - PT Piaggio Indonesia proudly launches the New Vespa GTS family. Vespa GTS is one of the world's best-loved two-wheelers as it follows on from the legendary “Vespone”, the name given to the Vespas with a larger and wider steel body for greater road stability and confidence. With the virtue of its robust body, Vespa GTS is able to move elegantly around town and, thanks to the increasingly generous engine performance, is always ready for long-ride travel and touring across the wonders of Indonesia.

Globally, the Vespa GT or Granturismo was born in 2003 with the arrival of Vespa GT 125 and 200. The family of large Vespas continued to evolve in 2005 with the arrival of Vespa GTS (Granturismo Sport) 250 version, and the subsequent boost in performance provided by engines of up to 300 cc. The technological advancement continues in 2016 when Vespa GTS benefited with the improved i-get engines. In high-tech continuation the Vespa GTS was further redefined in 2019, as the Vespa GTS Super Tech was born and embedded with the most powerful engine ever adopted on a Vespa, the 300cc HPE and technologically equipped with a TFT colour display. After 20 years of evolution, today, Vespa GTS range comes with improvement in every aspect: safety, comfort, technological upgrade, head-turning looks and a versatile distinctive riding style.

The New Vespa GTS range is further improved as the unique Vespa style and series of technical upgrades are combined to heighten vehicle safety, comfort and that proverbial attention to stylistic details. The new Vespa GTS range comes in three versions, each of which has its own particular spirit: the most classy and elegant Vespa GTS Classic 150 cc i-get, the gritty Vespa GTS SuperSport 150 cc i-get and the ultra-technological Vespa GTS Super Tech 300 cc HPE

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