Homage to a Symbol of Freedom and Youth, a Timeless Lifestyle Icon, Idolized from Generation to Generation: the Vespa 75th Limited Edition.

A monumental-shared celebration of lifestyle in the World to fully appreciate the Journey of Vespa for eight glorious decades.

Jakarta, 28 June 2021 – In almost eight decades, Vespa has always been beyond just a scooter brand, but it is an iconic brand that inspires memorable stories to people around the world and always capable to interpret the current time values in terms of freedom, lifestyle, joy, and success. In this powerful celebration, Vespa conveys the meaning of its glorious decades through Vespa 75th Anniversary limited edition, the perfect interpretation of those extraordinary 75 years’ worth of story.

The year 2021 marks another historical moment for Vespa as it has surpassed 19 million units production and that means, there are more than 19 million stories from these Vespa owners, an elegant way to showcase that Vespa is turning 75 years young. To enliven this joyous milestone, PT Piaggio Indonesia officially commemorates the 75th anniversary of Vespa through an array of exclusive product offerings for lifestyle lovers to celebrate this symbol of freedom together and forever embrace our young spirit, just like Vespa.

The secret of Vespa to stay 75 years young is by consistently anticipating and leading the trends, goes beyond its mobility mission by harmonizing the trends with art, music, and fashion in any period of time.

Vespa 75th Anniversary Limited Edition

To celebrate this iconic milestone, Vespa 75th anniversary is perfectly interpreted through the timeless Vespa Primavera (150 cc) and the most advanced and grand Vespa GTS (300 cc).

With its elegant curves and steel monocoque body, Vespa is exclusively painted with an original and customized yellow metallic color by Vespa, “Giallo 75th”. The eye-catchy color is specifically crafted for this Limited Edition as Vespa’s contemporary interpretation of hues in timeless fashion vogue, inspired by fashion trends in the ‘40s. Symbolized as the color that resonates with heritage, innovative spirit, and high fashion.

The side panels and front mudguard display the number 75 in a slightly stronger shade, creating a quietly elegant tone-on-tone effect. The traditional “tie” of this Vespa 75th Anniversary is also painted in the same stunning matt pyrite yellow. To highlight this iconic journey, a dedicated badge is placed on the front storage of these Vespa 75th Anniversary as an avant-garde reinterpretation of the past and a reminder of the historical date for Vespa.

Each model features a special nubuck leather saddle in dark smoke grey color that covers the finishing pipe which highlights the elegant silhouette of the saddle. The wheel rims are painted in grey color with a perimetal finish, so you can ride in style. A chrome-plated edge shield and foldable passenger footrest can be found exclusively in Vespa GTS 75th Anniversary.

The rear rack of Vespa 75th Anniversary comes in chrome-plated finish, smartly designed to house the exclusive and breath-taking round bag shaped like a spare wheel, a glimpse Vespa’s iconic signature. The bag itself is made from velvety-soft nubuck leather and shares the same color with the saddle, equipped with a shoulder strap for easy carrying, and clips on the luggage rack with a quick-release mechanism. The bag is meticulously crafted to fulfill its two sole duties: as an elegant vehicle accessory, and a statement when the Vespa is on idle mode.

Pioneering Technology in Vespa 75th Anniversary

For the cutting-edge technology, the Vespa 75th represents the top of the Vespa range: all the models of this limited edition are equipped with the Vespa’s state-of-the-art technology, a fully digital 4.3” full-color TFT display.

TFT Instrument Panel

The 75th Anniversary edition is a historic mark for Vespa Primavera. The fully digital 4.3” TFT display, the feature that is exclusively implemented in the GTS Super Tech, now comes in Vespa Primavera for the first time. The TFT instrument panel has an onboard computer and provides basic diagnostics in a quick-view form so the rider is notified with all important information, such as: the speed, the remaining fuel, etc. The TFT instrument panel also plays a significant role to deliver a premium riding experience right before and after the rider using the vehicle with welcoming and departing messages when turning the vehicle on or off. The TFT display also automatically switches to DAY/NIGHT mode of the external light.

Exclusive and Limited Genuine Accessories and Stylish Merchandise for All Lifestyle Lovers

To fully capture the celebration of Vespa 75th Anniversary, Vespa prepares an exquisite array of genuine accessories and merchandise for everyone, starting with the half-face helmet as the highlight of the accessory. The helmet is beautifully designed to resonate with Vespa 75th Anniversary’s look, painted in Giallo 75th color and embedded with the celebratory 75th Anniversary logo, along with customized inner lining with the classic Vespa’s logo. The helmet is complemented with a special bag for protection, this helmet will be available separately from the vehicles for all Vespa lovers to join the celebration.

The excitement of the Vespa 75th Anniversary is also highlighted even more with additional genuine accessories for the vehicle, such as: windscreen. In addition, a special set of 75th Anniversary merchandise is also available for Vespa lovers who love fashion and lifestyle to experience this celebration together, starting from t-shirt, cap, shopping bag, to the must-have keychain. Each item takes the elegant color of black finish with a gorgeous “Giallo Pyrite” yellow to resemble the look and feel of Vespa 75th Anniversary.

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