PT Piaggio Indonesia Announces the Arrival of Disney Mickey Mouse Edition by Vespa

Two timeless icons converge as Vespa and Disney work together on a memorable project to commemorate Disney’s 100th anniversary.


Jakarta, 6 December 2023 - Vespa and Disney meet in a limited-edition collaboration to celebrate Disney’s anniversary with Disney Mickey Mouse Edition by Vespa. The presence of this limited edition between 2 iconic brands combines Vespa’s value of freedom and fun with Disney’s value of storytelling and escapism.

Through this exciting collaboration, the uber-famous scooter became a wonderful travel companion that set the imagination of the riders and bystanders to roam free and dream big.

Disney Mickey Mouse Edition by Vespa features a fun take on the iconic elements of the Mickey Mouse style and insert it into the Vespa Primavera.

Vespa's unique collaboration with Disney brings a fantastic scooter design!

Disney Mickey Mouse Edition by Vespa was created in honor of Disney's 100th anniversary. Using the base vehicle of a Vespa Primavera, it is designed to be an original and fun tribute to the world’s most famous and loved mouse. For this collaboration, Vespa Primavera is colored black,

red, white and yellow: the same hues that have characterized Walt Disney’s most famous mouse for decades.

Mickey Mouse’s iconic color and silhouette can be seen through domination of black color on vehicle, with metallic black rear-view mirror imitate the character’s big round ears. A white graphic pattern outlining the character’ silhouette decorates bike’s front shield as well as both sides of the scooter.

The front fender of Vespa and inside of the wheel comes in the same shade of yellow as Mickey’s shoes. Mickey Mouse’s signature could not be missed, featured on both the saddle and the front shield. Finally, a touch of chrome finishes in several details on the bike enhances the overall look of the vehicle.

Disney Mickey Mouse Edition by Vespa can be personalized even more using wide selection of accessories as it is compatible with Vespa Primavera’s accessories collections. Thus, for Vespa and imaginative enthusiasts in Indonesia who wish to express their freedom and fun personality with a unique and wonderful travel companion, this exceptional Disney Mickey Mouse Edition by Vespa can be found at Motoplex 4 brands – Piaggio, Vespa, Aprilia, and Moto Guzzi. Visit our nearest Motoplex 4 brands to keep your dream ride alive and make it yours.

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