PT Piaggio Indonesia Celebrates its 10th Anniversary in Indonesia, an exciting journey of passion and dedication, with a strong commitment to bring Premium Experience in the Two-Wheels Indonesia Industry with 4 Global Brands

In 2011, after profound market research and intelligence, Piaggio Group brands have entered the promising Indonesia market through PT Piaggio Indonesia, that has established to act as the sole principal and Group representative, with a prominent purpose and mission: to bring the notable Italian brands of Piaggio Group to Indonesia, and to provide premium mobility solutions to the two-wheeler automotive industry in Indonesia.

Since its inception, through strategic consistency and authenticity, PT Piaggio Indonesia’s commitment is to always serve the market and to fully capture comprehensively the premium segment of the two-wheeler automotive market. As such, PT Piaggio Indonesia’s offer to the Indonesian market has expanded from the initial Piaggio and Vespa brands in 2011, to the high-performing and bigger capacity motorbike brands, namely Aprilia, and Moto Guzzi, in 2015.

It is a solid added value offer in brands and products by PT Piaggio Indonesia, to consistently deliver high-quality, heritage, and iconic Italian lifestyle to the Indonesian customers. Simply said, it is PT Piaggio Indonesia’s Premiumization Roadmap strategy, a commitment engineered during the journey to date in Indonesia to serve at best the country.

Ten wonderful years in Indonesia to date, and many more years to come ahead, further enriching a truly amazing journey in Indonesia.


Vespa 10th Anniversary Indonesia Limited Edition

As a symbol of robust commitment to further enhance the amazing journey and showcase its true dedication in Indonesia, PT Piaggio Indonesia has chosen Vespa, out of the 4 brands, to represent the celebration of its 10th Anniversary.

Vespa has a deep and well-known history in Indonesia and is considered as a true jewel of heritage embraced by Indonesians. The PT Piaggio Indonesia 10th Anniversary Limited Edition is designed based on the most beloved Vespa model, the Vespa Sprint 150 i-get ABS, which is forever brave, innovative, and magnificent – just like Indonesia and its marvelous people.

To further provide an exclusive and memorable experience to the customer, The Vespa 10th Anniversary Indonesia Limited Edition is exclusive only to1010 units only, each unit being marked with a distinct signature badge number for exceptionality

The key feature of the PT Piaggio Indonesia 10th Anniversary Limited Edition is the elegant and eye-catching metallic blue, the universal color chosen to commemorate the 10th year of achievements, combined with exquisite highlights of polished bronze details, and topped up with a dedicated new saddle design to harmonize the whole look.

In amplifying its distinctiveness, this Limited Edition is equipped with the first ever TFT digital display appearing on a Vespa Sprint model

During the celebration of 10th anniversary, PT Piaggio Indonesia formulates a special offer package for the loyal customer of the 4 notable brands. For Piaggio and Vespa, every purchase of the scooter gets to enjoy voucher up to IDR 10.010.000, - and for the adrenaline seeker and high-performance drive enthusiasts, every new possessor of Aprilia and Moto Guzzi is eligible to enjoy a surprise voucher value up to IDR 100.000.000. All new member of Piaggio Group family can enjoy additional exclusive merchandise as part of gift with purchase special offers. On top of that, PT Piaggio Indonesia also offers special treatment packages for spares and service to the loyal users of Piaggio, Vespa, Aprilia, or Moto Guzzi.

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