PT Piaggio Indonesia Delivers Further Service Enrichment in Sulawesi through the First Motoplex 4 Brands Dealership

Collaborating with PT Anugerah Aspac Pratama, PT Piaggio Indonesia inaugurates the First Motoplex 4 Brands dealership in Makassar, further expanding the premium lifestyle one-stop solution offering of the Piaggio Group Brands to 9 cities and 8 provinces.

Makassar, 18 January 2024 - PT Piaggio Indonesia has expanded and upgraded the Motoplex 4 Brands dealership in Makassar, from a Motoplex 2 Brands. This enhancement aims at providing comprehensive services and meet the growing demand for premium two-wheelers from Piaggio Group Brands in the Motoplex concept across Indonesia. With this opening, sales and service operations for Piaggio, Vespa, Aprilia and Moto Guzzi are now available in 9 cities and 8 provinces throughout Indonesia.

PT Piaggio Indonesia selected Makassar as the next city for the Motoplex 4 brand dealership, drawn to its strategic location on the Sulawesi Island and the compelling riding experience it provides amidst enchanting tourist destinations. Enthusiast of travel and adventurer can delve into breathtaking mountain scenery, lush nature, and strong economic hub, all while also enjoying the convenience and unforgettable experience that Piaggio, Vespa, Aprilia and Moto Guzzi have to offer as the ideal partner for ride and travel.

Located in the center of the provincial capitals of South Sulawesi, Makassar, this Motoplex 4 Brands dealership occupies an area of Jalan Sultan Alauddin No. 78A, Mangasa, Tamalate, Makassar. Presenting a premium retail concept, this dealership provides flexibility in exploring the range of the best products and excellent services from Piaggio Group brands with a complete 3S (sales, sparepart and service) facility.

In addition to serving as a facility for servicing and maintaining Piaggio Group brands’ products, this Motoplex 4 Brands dealership also functions as a gathering place for communities and enthusiasts of premium Italian two-wheeled vehicles to come together and get to know each other through engaging activities such as sharing sessions and group rides.

For more information about Motoplex 4 Brands and the latest news from PT Piaggio Indonesia, please visit the official website and social media accounts Instagram and Facebook of each Piaggio Group brand.



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