Vespa Batik, The Perfect Advocate of Pride and Legacy of Two Cultural Heritages from Indonesia and Italy

  • In Indonesia since the 1950’s, the Vespa Brand has been an automotive and lifestyle status symbol for decades as it continues to be relevant across generations: past, present and future.
  • For the first time ever, PT Piaggio Indonesia presents Vespa that is inspired and designed by a specific country’s pride and culture of Indonesia, Batik.
  • Vespa Batik is a celebration of Italian Heritage and Premium Art Lifestyle of the Vespa brand, with an exclusive batik design by Iwan Tirta Private Collection – the pinnacle and most respected Batik design house in the market.

Jakarta, 13 December 2022 – Piaggio Group, through its subsidiary, PT Piaggio Indonesia opened its 1st Piaggio Group Factory in the market and introduced this 1st Vespa Batik product which is also the 1st ever Vespa product to be fully inspired by a specific country and culture as a special tribute to the people of Indonesia.

The Vespa Batik special edition is a result of creative minds between PT Piaggio Indonesia and the Premium Batik design house, Iwan Tirta Private Collection that holds a noble mission to preserve batik heritage through premium and innovative batik designs. Through this project, the Vespa brand continues to reinvent itself to be market relevant across generations.

Vespa Batik Special Edition Design

The Batik itself is inevitably the pride and heritage of the Indonesian people, as a century old artform of dye waxing technique, recognized by UNESCO (United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization) in 2009 as an “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity” claimed by Indonesia.

Synergizing the Vespa with Batik design delivers the premium one-of-a-kind beautiful Vespa Batik Special Edition - the proud union of two iconic cultures and rich heritage of Indonesia and Italy, the Batik and Vespa.

This fantastic concept is designed to fully capture the hearts of the Indonesian market, as it truly represents the pride of the archipelago nation of Indonesia and highly relevant to the Indonesian enthusiasts of premium automotive, art and fashion.

The main batik pattern on Vespa Batik special edition is an adaptation of the “Tambal Jagad” traditional motif, a deep in philosophy batik pattern that depicts a collage of various batik motifs, inspired by different background and cultures, representing Indonesia as an archipelago nation

The pattern design in Vespa Batik symbolizes a combination of 7 designs symbolizing Sabang to Merauke – shorthand for the territorial extent of Indonesia from West to East. The 7 batik motifs and philosophies are: 

  1. Sokowani – from Sumatra Area: symbol of charm and charisma
  2. Megamendung – from West Java Area: symbol of prosperity and source of life
  3. Kawung – from Central Java Area: symbol of leadership and wisdom
  4. Perisai – from Borneo Area: symbol of protection and persistency
  5. Poleng – from Bali Area: symbol of the balance of life
  6. Tenun Ikat Menjangan – from Nusa Tenggara Area: symbol of remembrance of heritage
  7. Ayam Kasuari – from Papua Area: symbol of power and long life

Furthermore, the Vespa Batik special edition carries a batik pattern that is exclusively designed to beautifully wrap the iconic Italian scooter, reflecting the perfect blend between premium lifestyle with rich heritage. Offered with a complete set of exclusive Genuine Vespa Batik helmet and Vespa Batik top box in an unmatched base color of Green Relax, that is adored by all Vespa enthusiasts.

To extend the arrival celebration of Vespa Batik special edition, PT Piaggio Indonesia also prepared a series of activities that can be enjoyed by automotive, art lifestyle and art enthusiasts.  A dedicated art installation of this special edition Vespa is exhibited in selected Authorized Dealer for Piaggio Group brands nationwide.

The Vespa Batik special edition is truly an unmatched product combining two rich heritage values, in the effort of preserving legacy and relevance to the Indonesian enthusiasts of automotive, art and fashion.

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