The Vespa Batik is truly a one-of-a-kind model combining two rich heritage jewels, in the effort of preserving legacy and relevance to the Indonesian enthusiasts of automotive, fashion and lifestyle.

The main batik pattern on Vespa Batik is an adaptation of the “Tambal Jagad” traditional motif, a deep in philosophy batik pattern that depicts a collage of various batik motifs inspired by different background and cultures representing Indonesia as an archipelago nation.

The Vespa Batik is a result of creative minds between PT Piaggio Indonesia and the Premium Batik expert and consultant, Iwan Tirta Private Collection one of the most luxurious Batik-specialized design houses in Indonesia that holds a noble mission to preserve batik heritage through premium and innovative batik designs.

The pattern design in Vespa Batik symbolizes a combination of 7 designs symbolizing from Sabang to Merauke – shorthand for the territorial extent of Indonesia from west to east.

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